Make a date with us

Dates ... a word with several meanings.  Dates you can eat, dates you can go on, and dates you can put in your diary. We're talking about the latter!

We have some significant dates coming up in the first few months of New Year, so please make a date with us! You'll find regularly updated information on our website at; on the Origins Theatre facebook page; and on twitter @originstheatre

January 24 - a performance of 'Dilemma', followed by a fun quiz, at Bembridge Village Hall on the Isle of Wight; in association with Bembridge Little Theatre

January 25 and February 5 - 'My Boy' at The Sail Loft at the Bargeman's Rest, Newport, Isle of Wight

February 18 to 21 - 'Appointment with Death', our production is part of the Agatha Christie 125th anniversary celebrations and is being staged at Shanklin Theatre; you can book online now for this at

March 21 - we present the winners of this year's playwriting competition; a chance to see at least three 15 minute plays for the very first time, with the people who wrote them ... at The Sail Loft, at the Bargeman's Rest, Newport, Isle of Wight

April 29 and 30 - another original, 'Warzone' at Shanklin Theatre