Counting Down To Hamlet!

This production diary by HANNAH BREWER will document Original Theatre’s journey towards four performances of Hamlet in August 2013 – at Ventnor Fringe, Chale Church, and The Depozitory in Ryde.

Shakespeare’s stories have been retold for centuries, and continue to gain appreciation the world over through new adaptations.

There is a timeless joy to Shakespeare:  his command of the written word creates a beautiful illusion of enchantment and power as it is read. 

HAMLET, the tragic tale of the Prince of Denmark, is a re-telling of a much older oral tale first recorded by Saxo Grammaticus.

The story’s ancient foundations resonate with the dangers of revenge – a theme we intend to emphasise in our Original Theatre production.

I am honoured to take on the monumental task of bringing this amazing play to life with a cast of 12 incredible performers, and my brilliant assistant.

Hannah x