The Hollowers

One of the best things about being Original Theatre is getting invited to do original things!

That’s certainly the case with our production of The Hollow, an Agatha Christie mystery that we are staging at Shanklin Theatre next month (you can book online at

The play has a cast and backstage team drawn from theatre groups all over the Island, and it is a great to see how enthusiastically everyone has responded - helped in no small way by the personal involvement and energy of Vic Farrow, of Shanklin Theatre, who has gone out of his way to make us all feel special (which we are, obviously!!).

Original Theatre founder Kevin Wilson is directing the play, and says it has been a special pleasure to see how people have come together to enjoy the experience.

We have about six weeks to go to opening night, and The Hollowers can’t wait to show the world what they are capable of!

Now, what shall we put on next year … ?!