With Full Force

As with any project I undertake I like to attack it with full force…!

 Hamlet being such a huge challenge has enabled me to use and try out different techniques in the rehearsal process. Since my take on some rather traditional character developing methods has worked such a treat, the cast have bonded together better than could have been expected. This in turn has allowed for smooth running rehearsals and a lot of laughs to boot.

The play unedited reaches over four hours, a time scale which for many would seem daunting and bum numbing! But for a director, this mass of material presents a playground.

I spent many months editing, abridging (revisiting said abridgements) and checking over each scene. There comes a point where no more editing can be done until you start rehearsing and see how the play runs. Luckily apart from a few extra cuts to make time we haven’t ‘YET’ encountered anything complicated.

We have thus far covered two out of five acts with many actors already off script and in costume which is a GREAT help.  I cannot stress the importance of the appropriate shoes and the right costume to aid getting into character.

Of course our current location, Chale Church also boosts the atmospheric ambience. Such a traditional and beautiful space has made the play attune naturally to a more traditional style of presentation. Once the play has been moved to its alternative venues, stylistic differences will occur and I have already begun planning some contemporary additions for our version in the Depozitory in Ryde, for example.

We have now released our promotional images. I decided early on I wanted my actors to feature on the posters themselves as I have seen such rare occurrences of this on the Island. Not only does this create intrigue but it also gives the audience an image they can refer to when watching the performances.