Writing a 15 minute play

Writing a play and seeing it performed is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have, and Origins Theatre is delighted to offer this amazing opportunity with From Page to Stage 2014.

The challenge is to write a 15 minute play on the theme of 'turning the tables'. The six winning plays will be performed by Origins Theatre on the Isle of Wight at a special event in March, as well as being published.

The important thing for those entering the competition is to make an immediate impact. 15 minutes isn't long, so it is essential to get straight to the point so the audience is pulled into the story right away.

Think about your characters - are they real, convincing, and vivid?  Remember, you are limited to a maximum of four, so make them come alive and build your play around the struggle, or conflict, between them. 

Remember, drama is just another word for action, so don't be tempted to have people just sitting round a table having an argument about something. 

And if you are not sure of the difference between 'show' and 'tell', do some research before you start writing!

Origins Theatre Company exists to encourage new talent, and give our audiences new experiences, so please don't be afraid of having a go, even if you have never entered a competition before.  We are actively looking for something new and original, so go for it!

You can find the rules on our website.

Good luck!