Open auditions

We're excited about our latest new play, Wake, which is completely open to anyone who wants to come and audition.

The play is about the beliefs that people have that define their lives at any one time - religion, money, hard work, being kind, yoga ... whatever it may be, we all have something that 'works for us'.

So we want people to come forward who can bring their own beliefs and their own stories to the play.  We have developed a 30 minute play, with parts based on a number of different people, each with their own beliefs, and our hope is that we can fill those parts with people who share those beliefs, as well as others who have different ideas.

Wake will develop from there, and over the course of two months' rehearsals, grow into something that not only entertains and engages an audience, but is also a great experience for those taking part.

So please join us at 2pm on Sunday April 26 at the Depozitory - a converted chapel - in Nelson Street, Ryde, for a reading of the play, followed by casting.

Wake will be performed around the end of June at the Depozitory, as part of the Ryde Arts Festival, and at other venues in the future.

Thanks for listening, and hope to see you there!