On the road again

It's ten times more stressful and nerve-wracking, but taking a show on the road is something we love to do!

Last night, we crossed the Solent to Southampton to play our part in a fantastic new festival, the HeArt of Heritage Urban Exhibition, which took over the magnificent St Denys Church, filling it inside and out with works of art, music, theatre, workshops ...

We staged Wake, and attracted a good sized audience for its first performance 'across the water'.

And it was challenging - theatre the way it should be, perhaps? We arrived about 45 minutes before curtain up; helped clear the stage and set it up; found that the main speaker didn't work  just as we were about to go on; and had to manage with stage lighting that left us in the gloom at times!  

And we all loved the experience. It was new and exciting to be there and to perform to a completely new audience, showcasing our work and exposing ourselves to new situations and opportunities ...

The audience feedback at the end was brilliant, and we were all buoyant on the return ferry trip!

So, Southampton, be warned - we'll be back! :-)