Hove, actually

That's one small step for most people, one giant leap for Origins!

We're pretty excited about making our debut at Brighton Fringe on May 7.  

Hove, actually. The lovely Purple Playhouse Theatre on Montefiore Road. It's the home of the Grace Eyre Foundation, a charity that provides amazing support for people with learning disabilities, so it's good to know that our performances of Wake are contributing to that work.

We're doing two performances (4pm and 6.30pm) on Saturdays May 7 and 14, and June 4. And we're also doing a 10 minute slot at Fringe City soon after 1pm on May 14.

It's all exciting stuff, and, of course, a giant leap for us, because we want this to be the springboard for us (or maybe a trampoline?) to realise our ambition of becoming a recognised touring company.

We're already arranging performances at other South Coast venues for 2017: which makes us think maybe a trampoline would be quite useful - one big enough to propel us cheaply and quickly across the Solent ...  

Anyway, wish us luck for Brighton Fringe.  We hope to meet you, and look forward to a great festival with many good things. (Oh. Excuse me a minute: I'm sure I saw a trampoline for sale on ebay ...)