Timeless ...

We're excited about our new comedy, Coach Trip, which is being staged at Quay Arts, Isle of Wight, on September 22 and 23.

It's based on the simple idea of a party of older people travelling on a coach to France to visit war graves.

The first decision was whether to make this a serious drama.  The second was whether to set it in a certain period. We decided not to do either!

Coach Trip is timeless.  Its heroes are the so-called 'ordinary people' from any period of time - including the present - who face conflict with humour, whether in  battle or waiting for news at home; getting on with their lives;  refusing to feel sorry for themselves.  

So our play is a comedy - full of laughter and good humour. And as in most comedies, our audiences will need to suspend belief: we have cast members of all ages talking about their experiences in the war, or those of people they still mourn, and they couldn't possibly be that old, could they?!

The fact is that war affects just about everyone, of every age.

My own father died a long time ago, and yet I still remember him talking about his RAF service, and I will always carry that memory with me. We are bombarded with news about fighting, and images of bombing and refugees from conflict every day.

The point of Coach Trip is to emphasise that war is a memory for some, and a current event for others, so it affects us all, and to suggest that there always were, and always will be, shafts of sunlight breaking through the dark clouds ...  thanks largely to our continuing ability to laugh and smile and live our lives as best we can - despite everything.

We hope Coach Trip makes you laugh as much as it has made us laugh in rehearsals.

Please come and support us, in the knowledge that not only will you have a good night out, but you will also be raising funds for the Poppy Appeal.

We are presenting Coach Trip in support of the Royal British Legion.

You can book tickets here ... http://www.quayarts.org/event/coach-trip/