Return Trip

It's impossible to gauge how an audience will react, even when you are staging something vaguely familiar.

But our latest production, Coach Trip, is brand new, and features - among other things - live and recorded music of the 1940s, a Royal British Legion Standard Bearer, a cornet player, The Last Post, a man who never speaks, a 'coach' made up of white painted benches, and ... well, you get the idea!

So it's doubly rewarding to receive the enthusiastic feedback that has been pouring in since we performed this funny and poignant play at the Minghella Theatre at Quay Arts, here on the Isle of Wight.  Best of all, this story about a coach trip to the war graves appealed to people of all ages.

And that makes us even more excited to have the opportunity to perform it one more time, as a matinee on Remembrance Sunday, November 13, at the same venue, and linking in with a new art exhibition at Quay Arts called 'Impressions of War'.

If you missed Coach Trip first time round, don't miss the bus in November!