Whale Music ... exploring the depths

We're excited about our next production!

Not only are we performing the brilliant Anthony Minghella's first stage success, Whale Music, but we are doing it in the theatre named after him.  What's more, the play is set on the Isle of Wight and that's exactly where we are performing it!

As with all his work, we are discovering the many layers of Whale Music, which is performed by an all-female cast.  It is 'an acutely sensitive, moving portrayal of the lives of a group of women which reflects the attitudes and feelings of women today' and with every rehearsal, the cast has found more humour, more conflict, more depth of feeling.

The play was developed by Minghella in the 1970's and premiered in the 1980's, working closely with a group of women while he was at university in Hull, and though the play is obviously by and about women, it has messages for all of us.

Our aim is to do justice to this great play by going into those depths and bringing as much as we can to the surface.

And just to add to what should be an amazing experience for you, and for us, we have added our own layer ... bringing in images and music specially created for Whale Music by Island video artist, short film and music maker, Paul Windridge.

Join us at the Anthony Minghella Theatre at Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight at 7.30pm on February 24 and 25.  Tickets are a tenner, and you can  book them at www.quayarts.org