2016 will be fun ...!

We are launching a new monthly comedy theatre night in 2016.

It's open to all theatre groups on the Isle of Wight and the emphasis is on fun and laughter. Plus, it's in a pub, so what else is there to say, really?

And just to sprinkle a bit of spice on top, we are making it a competition.  

So, groups can submit a script for a comedy play lasting no more than one hour that, if chosen, they can present as a (well) rehearsed reading!  There will be one a month for six months at The Bargeman's Rest in Newport (or more, if groups submit shorter plays that can make up a one hour programme), and then on the seventh month, there will be prizes!

Simple enough?

We think so, and we're delighted the great people who run The Bargeman's Rest are up for it, too.  We're working on a title for this, and so far, we rather like 'The Bargeman's Jest' ...

We'll be publishing some info about this on Friday October 16 over at www.facebook.com/originstheatre, and we'll print the detailed stuff a couple of weeks later.

Should be a laugh!